Technology Advancements

  1. CAD/CAM
    We had anquireed Gibbs Cam, Solidworks and Unigraphics software to strengthen our design capabilities.
    Design workers had attended CAD/CAM trainings like Multi Mill (5 Axis Machng)

    • Better data exchange (parasolid, iges)
    • Speeds up fabrication process and improve lead time delivery with better surface finishing.
    • Able to generate complex 3D modeling.
    • Able to illustrate assembly motion to detect assembly related problems to save time and cost for customers.

  2. Quality
    • ISO 9001:2008 certified of UK
    • CMM machines are calibrated annually.
    • Quality controlled by two person.
    • Projects are issue by job cards.

    • To provide accurate quality inspection.
    • To improve consistent reading.
    • Able to trace the process status along with time/date details effectively.
    • To schedule progress according to plan.
    • For easy updating for revised/rework jobs.
    • For proper documantation and appropriate procedures.